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European-based Leading Global Reinsurer

Financial Services

    • Revenue    –   CHF 35 Bn
    • Employees  –  11,000+
    • Location     –  Zurich, Switzerland


Spread across 27 countries globally, our client is the leading reinsurer of the world. They had different payroll vendors across countries and wanted to consolidate to a single vendor and integrate the solution with SF HR master system . Also, there was a strong need of standardization and globalization of process and services . The payroll program was aligned with the Finance transformation program.

Key Drivers

    • Lack of single payroll leading to different processes across countries
    • Data compliance and integrity issues
    • Huge challenges of rolling out any global HR initiative that has an impact on Payroll
    • No global reporting on Payroll

Our  Solution

    • Planned the program over phases based on product and organizational readiness. Leverages learnings from previous phase
    • Alignment with the Finance transformation program to ensure overall benefits
    • Unification and standardization of Payroll processes across the countries
    • Integration of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as system of record with ADP GlobalView as universal payroll system
    • Over 30 months duration of coordinated implementation project including planning, design, testing

HRIS Transformation Hurdles 

    • Data quality was a huge challenge in some of the countries
    • Resistance to change the existing Payroll system in the countries 
    • Standardization of processes was a challenge amidst local policies and flavours
    • Payroll system was the master system in a few countries. The changed approach needed strong sustenance pressure
    • Technical readiness of the solution for some of the countries posed delivery challenges

Business Benefits/Project Impact Drivers

    • Single PY vendor across countries
    • HR master system is integrated with the Payroll systems
    • All processes of Payroll and Finance are hugely standardized and globalized
    • Global reporting of Payroll costs across countries
    • Unified vendor management and governance