A leading retail organization plans to replace its current payroll solution and is looking for the best solution approach.


The organization has a highly customized SAP HCM on-premise landscape with many critical interfaces, and plans to move to SAP SuccessFactors. The organization is looking for the best alternative for its payroll solution.

Key challenges in defining the solution are: 

  • Time: time and effort of building a new solution in a lift-and-shift approach versus development of a fully new system
  • Integration with SuccessFactors
  • Future outlook of the solution, in terms of maintainability, standard versus custom functionality, and roadmap of the platform
  • Future interface landscape, where the payroll solution is currently a critical hub


1phi618 has defined the most important solution alternatives in detail, taking into consideration the general feasibility of each alternative, time line, development effort, testing effort, describing the most preferred option from an independent consulting perspective.