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A Switzerland based HR Technology services organization focusing on supporting clients in their HR technology and payroll transformation journeys. 

Our name is inspired by the Golden Ratio, which is represented by the Greek letter phi (φ) and has a value of 1.618.

The Golden Ratio determines the right dimensions. The Golden Ratio determined the proportions for Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Vitruvian Man. It continues to represent good solution design. We leverage our expertise, experience and partnerships to be the right partner of choice for our clients.




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HR Digitization

We partner with organizations in their HR transformation journeys to achieve overarching business benefits. We understand clients’ existing setups and needs to design a roadmap with integrated future landscape, processes and organization.


A thorough and inclusive evaluation of the existing HR system landscape forms the basis of introducing multiple efficiencies and cost optimization opportunities in future. We carry out detailed landscape evaluation to unearth such opportunities for our clients.


For organizations implementing cloud HCM solutions, integration with payroll, time and finance systems is a key factor for stability. We are vastly experienced in solution advisory, designing and managing the integrations from a technical, process, organizational and (vendor) management point of view.


We have the experience and proven tools to implement and operate the right HR system for you. We follow proven methodologies to make this a smooth transition for you.

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We use the latest technology to ensure that you can reap the benefits of being on the cutting edge in a competitive business landscape.

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Deep HR processes and technology expertise

Specialized in core and extended HR system landscape

Vast experience in integration esp. payroll and time solutions with cloud and on- premise HCM platforms

Proven track record in delivering large scale HR transformation programs

Rich experience across geographies and verticals

Experienced team covering wide range of competencies

Pre-configured tools and accelerators leveraging experience and best practices

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We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

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