A global financial organization has outsourced its payroll landscape and implements a new global finance system in SAP


The organization has outsourced its payroll for more than 25 countries to one single provider. Meanwhile, the organization has transformed its financial organization and has implemented SAP FI/CO as a single global solution.

The organization wants to streamline the processes between HR, Payroll and Finance, using a single, global interface.

Main challenges in the project were:

  • The global interface needs to be able to support all country-specific, legal requirements
  • Complex employment types, like global assignment costs, need to be supported
  • Payroll provider is using technically different solutions in countries, meaning the integration process needs to be fully setup for each country


1phi618 has supported the project in all phases and for all countries in:

  1. Defining global processes for HR – Finance processes, like cost center assignment, mapping between pay codes and G/L accounts, and issue resolution and change requests
  2. Design of the global interface format
  3. Design, implementation and testing for each country
  4. Managing the payroll vendor